Sony Music Center App Removing Support for Products still on the Market

Posted by: Malcolm Futhey at  Friday, July 21, 2017

Sony recently announced that version 5.2 of the Sony Music Center app (formerly the SongPal app) will be released in August 2017 and will no longer support the following products: STR-DN850/STR-DN1050/ICF-CS20BT/XDR-DS21BT.  The STR-DN850 and STR-DN1050 are wireless home theater AV receivers that Sony continues to advertise on their website and that are available in stores.   The announcement of the app’s update states:


To our customers using STR-DN850/STR-DN1050/ICF-CS20BT/XDR-DS21BT

Music Center will no longer be compatible with these devices starting with ver.5.2 scheduled to be released in August.  We ask for your understanding that Music Center will no longer be able to control these devices after ver.5.2.  After the update, please use the device or the remote control for commands.

In addition, as you cannot revert to an older version after an update has been completed, if you would like to continue to use Music Center ver.5.1.1, please be sure to avoid updating or uninstalling.


The functionality of these Sony products through the app is a major feature of those products, and removal of the app’s compatibility will significantly degrade the value and use of the products.


If you have any of the listed Sony products and would like to discuss your rights and claims, please contact us at admin@futheylawfirm.com.

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