Practice Areas

Malcolm Futhey’s practice focuses on business litigation, personal injury, entertainment law, and complex litigation.  During his career, he has handled a wide array of complex matters regarding computer and technology litigation, class actions, bankruptcy, real property, wrongful death, personal injury, constitutional law, RICO, labor and employment, ERISA and Health Care Law, intellectual property, government law, administrative law, probate and estate.

The Futhey Law Firm represents debtors and creditors in various aspects of bankruptcy proceedings, including filing for bankruptcy, filing claims for creditors, prosecuting and defending adversarial claims, prosecuting and defending preferential-transfer claims, and general bankruptcy matters.

The law firm handles a wide array of business law matters ranging from litigation involving breaches of contract, landlord/tenant disputes, and employment matters to transactions related to contract preparation and the formation and transfer of businesses.

The Futhey Law Firm has prosecuted and defended class actions involving a variety of matters including toxic torts, consumer rights, products liability, banking issues, and health care matters in multiple jurisdictions.

The firm has overseen and handled complex lawsuits and class actions regarding toxic torts, products liability, and financial transactions as well as other complex cases involving commercial litigation and personal injury.

The Firm has handled various constiutional issues regarding First Amendment Rights, Equal Protection, Due Process, and various constitutional matters related to government law.

The law firm has represented bands, production companies, actors, directors, movie producers, and artists regarding various aspects relating to copyrights, trademarks, licensing, contracts, fund raising, and other intellectual property matters.

The Futhey Law Firm represents railroad employees and workers in relation to their FELA claims.

The Futhey Law Firm handles matters relating to copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property matters.

The Futhey Law Firm handles personal injury matters involving claims for wrongful death, products liability, and other matters involving serious injury.

The law firm handles various probate matters regarding estates, conservatorships, name chnages, and other probate matters.

The law firm handles various matters related to real estate disputes.

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