Women’s Soccer Team Files EEOC Complaint

Five members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team filed a complaint with the EEOC citing wage discrimination by the U.S. Soccer Federation. In the complaint they allege that the Soccer Federation is paying the Women’s Team around 40% of what the U.S. Men’s National Team makes in per-game salary factoring in bonuses. The gap does not end with just the salaries and bonuses for winning games and tournaments, but also extends to their per-diem expenses, sponsorship deals, team lodgings, and play conditions. A recent IRS Form 990 filing by the Soccer Federation shows that the top 5 salaried employees of the Federation are on the Men’s Team, who make over $400,000 per year. Out of the top 12 earners listed in the filing only one woman makes an appearance, who is not even a player, but the organization’s legal counsel. With the job requirements being the same for both the Men’s and Women’s team and the recent huge successes made by the Women’s team, which has helped boost the revenues of the Federation, it will be interesting to see how the Soccer Federation responds.

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